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Gellan Reviews

User : Monika Jain2592000
Monika JainQ : We are looking for below product Goma Gellan(gellan Gum),Pls let us know if you can offer this product to us.Pls offer your best price on FOB basis along COA, Lead time, Payment terms etc.
FOODCHEM A : Hello,very pleased to inform you that we are able to supply,and our manager will send details to you as soon as possiple.
User : Khoo Kim Ching2592000
Khoo Kim ChingQ : Hello,I am looking for stabilizers i.e carragenan, alginate, Gellan gum, MCC, CMC, pectin and guar gum.May I ask if you have these products to offer?
FOODCHEM A : Yes, we can provide all these products you have listed, our sales manager has send you product details, please kindly check and send us your feedback.
User : Олена Богачук2592000
Олена БогачукQ : Please give us the prices for Gellan Gum and the products in the attachment, which you do produce, per ton on FOB, and the specification for it.
FOODCHEM A : Hello,glad to serve you,and our sales manager has sent you the message, please kindly check.
User : Sahar AbuHamdeh2592000
Sahar AbuHamdehQ : I need to know if you have a sample for the gellen gum as we do need it in Egypt for evaluation, as we are already marketing the Duchefa brand but it is becoming very expensive for our market we need the same quality or better and less price, Please advise
FOODCHEM A : Thanks a lot for your inquiry,we have just send your message to our sales manager and she will reply you as soon as possible in one working day.Have a good time.
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